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Who We Are


White & White is a Canadian, family-owned and operated company located close to Pearson International Airport. Established in 1989 by R.J. White and his sons, Bob & Jim White, we have 30 years of experience in the business.

We provide hundreds of satisfied clients each year with personalized service and expertise in the customs brokerage and freight forwarding industries. 

Whether you’re importing a large corporate shipment on behalf of your company or a new boat or car for your own personal use, we can help.


How We Work


Since 1989, we have proudly served clients across the country and internationally with their commercial and personal shipments.

We specialize in servicing the construction, marine, medical supply and consumer goods industries, including recreational vehicles (such as cars, trailers and boats).

White and White Customs Broker

As a licensed Customs Broker with a national bond posted with the CBSA, we take care of customs clearances nationwide at all Canadian ports of entry.

We use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) tools such as ACROSS (Accelerated Commercial Release Operational Support System), including PARS (Pre-Arrival Release System) or RMD (Release on Minimum Documentation) options via CADEX (Customs Automated Data Exchange).


We can help you adapt in the constantly changing world of customs and international trade so that you stay ahead of your competition.

Our professional, certified customs raters will ensure your business meets all Canadian and US customs clearance and trade compliance requirements. Together, we can help you navigate the landscape and make the customs clearance process easy.


Our Services



We service small businesses and large corporations alike. We offer you hassle-free account set-up that is fast & easy. Our team will be pleased to help you get started.



Importing a boat or a car? We offer customs clearance of personal-use goods, including cars, boats, and trailers. This includes imports from the USA or other international origins.



Find a full listing of White & White’s border agents here by port of entry from coast to coast (including port code, phone number and fax number).

Latest Border News

A recap of the latest news releases from the Media Room of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Notice: Cannabis Despite the fact that cannabis (marijuana) is legal and regulated in Canada, it remains illegal to take cannabis across Canada's national borders, whether you are entering or leaving Canada. For more information, consult cannabis (marijuana) legalization.

3-12-2019: Fingerprint verification at Primary Inspection Kiosks now available at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

3-4-2019: Temporary closure of the Whirlpool Bridge in Niagara Falls

3-4-2019: Fingerprint verification at Primary Inspection Kiosks now available at Vancouver International Airport

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