Getting started

Whether you have decided to purchase a new or used car or boat, or while away on vacation, you found some items that caught your attention and you’re thinking about purchasing and bringing them back home, we can help.

Most new clients with these personal-type shipments come to us unsure of what their first step is. If you need help answering questions like, “How do I clear customs?”, “How much does it cost?”, or “What documents do I need?”… Simply contact us today!

other information

Personal shipments are imported NOT for commercial, industrial or institutional use; they are shipments of goods that will be used by you for personal use. In addition to the cost of the goods, you may incur additional costs when importing a shipment. Not all goods are dutiable; those made in either the USA or Mexico fall under NAFTA and are exempt from duties.

For all other goods made in other countries, a duty may be applicable according to the
Canada Customs Tariff. In addition, Canada Customs requires payment of GST (5%) and PST (depending on the province) on the CAD value of the goods, regardless of the country of origin. White & White is a registered Customs Broker and we are authorized by CBSA to collect duty and taxes due on importation from our clients and to remit those funds to the government.